Students Corner: Interview with Nisheetha Bajaj, PGP 2002

Could you please provide a brief background and why you had decided to pursue an MBA?

Ans: I graduated in B.Sc. Chemistry from St. Xaviers, which is famous for Arts. I had chosen to pursue science because it was a subject that I enjoyed and wanted to broaden my scientific thinking. I took a year off after graduation to get some ‘Me’ time and reflect. I was hoping life will point me in the right direction. And, it turned out it did.

Please describe your life while on campus. What activities and events were you active with?

If I have to describe campus life in one word, it would be “Engaging”. I have two distinct memories – One is the Advanced Strategy course, which was a turning point for me. I thoroughly enjoyed conceptual thinking in that course. And, my second fond memory at the campus is regarding creating Business Models as a part of different subjects. So, these are the two standout memories from the college.

I would enjoy early morning walks around the campus, and I also stumbled upon Art of Living at that time. I got inspired by a talk where the speaker mentioned how the activities change every thought and every emotion. It sounded very logical to me, and he explained hoe through the breathing techniques, one can harmonize the mind and body. And, I have been practicing the learnings since then.

How has been your post-MBA experience?

The courses which I took at IIM Bangalore were the driving force behind the driving force of pursuing a career in consulting. Specifically, the Advanced Strategy course and professor J Ramachandran gave me appreciations of what the consulting world looks like. He showed me the power of an idea – How we can look at business differently, frame a problem individually, and get insights in ways of changing the company. And, this appealed to me.

When I entered BCG, I found the work very exciting, and the work culture was very collegial. And, the impacts which one could create for the clients and their businesses was very flattering—the exposure which I received while consulting clients was simply phenomenal. I will whole-heartedly urge students to explore the consulting world.

The second half of my consulting career was with the Hay Group, which is now merged with another firm, but it had a vibrant heritage in the organization space. I used to lead their leadership development work, and I enjoyed coaching CEOs, which was an equally enriching experience.

Who has been your mentor in guiding through your career path?

For me, a mentor is someone who can provide you an appreciation of what something would like. On-campus, my mentor was Professor J Ramachandran, who coached me for the world of consulting. And every discussion inside or outside class was very enlightening.

 Who would you consider your role model?

Currently, amongst other activities, I have been spending my time with the Art of Living with various capacities. At this juncture, I have observed this person over the past decade; I would say my role model is the founder of Art of Living – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And, it helped me a lot during the situational leadership development program. If you had to think of him as somebody leading an organization, he is the best situational leader that one can ever encounter. And, much more – it doesn’t end there. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was twenty-five when he dreamed of making life a celebration and do good things around the planet. Also, he kept at it and inspired millions of people to make the world a better place.